I’ve started using Windows 10 at work and so far it has bee a relatively painless experience. Overall, I quite like the new OS, as I’m stepping up from W7 and there are many improvements.

As expected, there are a number of quirky things going on when I try to do different things. The most annoying of these is the fact that the Start menu search isn’t showing applications that I have installed. After some searching I found a solution posted on a W10 forum which worked for me. I’m putting that solution here for ease of access and persistence reasons.

To view the original post by user ‘nushydude’ see here.


When I press the Windows key and start typing the name of a program I’ve installed in Windows 10, the search results do not show the program.


  1. Open Indexing Options by pressing the Win + X key combo and opening the Control Panel. When viewed as small icons, you’ll see Indexing Options.
  2. In Indexing Options, I clicked ‘Modify’ and removed all the unnecessary stuff such as Visio Content, Outlook, Offline files etc. I left ‘Users’ and ‘Start Menu’.
  3. Going to services.msc, I stopped and then disabled the Windows Search service.
  4. In Explorer, navigate to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Search and moved the ‘Data’ folder to C:\temp. This is so once Windows Search starts again, it will recreate the search database.
  5. Rebooted.
  6. Re-enabled (Automatic, delayed start) and started Windows Search service in services.msc.
  7. Waited about 10 – 15 minutes for the search to rebuild.

After waiting for a while, the search rebuild was complete. Then when I repeated my original query where I press the Win key and start typing the name of an application, it found the application.